Baby Insurance

Aaron and I spent some time last week cleaning out our utility room. In doing so, I moved an exersaucer and a high chair into the hallway, where they joined two strollers that had come in from the garage a week earlier.

Yes, my youngest kids is five years old.  No, I don’t have a hoarding problem. (Well, maybe just a teensy one…)

Leah (age 10) and Ben (age 8) are the oldest grandkids on my side of the family, but cute little stinkers started showing up fairly regularly about the time Adam was born. My sister had her first -an absurdly cute little boy – in May. And our house has been the gathering spot for Christmas (my family) and Thanksgiving (Aaron’s family).  Aaron’s family included JJ & EJ, who will be having their third baby any day now!

I remember the days of hauling baby equipment all too well to get rid of certain items. Although we have parted with many things, including the second-hand crib, a stroller, a highchair, and lots of baby-wearing options (never did work for us!), we still have:

1. Ikea high chair – easy to clean, comes apart for storage…we’ll probably have it forever.

2.  Pack & Play – Probably will have this until it absolutely falls apart. Not only do WE still have one, I bought one for my folks to keep at their house!

3.  Two strollers – both “umbrella” types, but one has a basket & sunshade.  You just never know when a visiting baby will want to go for a walk, right?!

4. Exersaucer – this one folds down so it’s not quite so bulky.  Since we also have hosted church activities at our house that include lots of kids, I feel like this is a good option for those babies who won’t stay in one spot!

5.  Co-sleeper – kind of like a mini pack & play, but with a collapsible side and straps to attach it to your bed, making middle-of-the-night nursing sessions SOO much easier. Although technically I still “have” it, it’s never at my house much – I’ve had it lent out almost constantly.

6. Toys. There are two small tubs of baby toys in our guest room closet, and they have been pulled out LOTS.

7. Baby monitors. Planning to use them to spy on teenagers in my basement in just a few years. They’ll think it’s a relic from the Stone Age.

8.  Emergency stash of: burp rags, diapers, and wipes.  And petroleum jelly for baby butts.


Does this seem excessive?  I didn’t think so, either, until I went downstairs just now to put those items away..and found a baby bathtub, boppy pillow, papasan seat, and that bouncy seat that I’ll keep forever.  AND a car seat carrier (which is the BEST way to transport babes, hands down).

The papasan and car seat carrier need to find new homes, but those other things…maybe I’ll just hold on to them a while longer…

Because you know what they say, if you get rid of all your baby stuff, you are sure to get pregnant again! That’s totally based on science, right?!

It seems that a lot of folks (from my very scientific research called “ask a question on Facebook”) keep some toys and a pack and play. Anyone have an…ahem…wider variety of options?

Another way I like to make use of my stash is to lend out items to visiting missionaries. A lot of time these mamas are home on furlough for a few months or so, and bringing equipment from overseas just isn’t practical.  So I maintain a “library” just for them! Of course, I do have to draw a line somewhere…and apparently my line is in front of Boppys, but behind car seat carriers…but on second thought, that’s a good one to have on hand….


Homework help or hindrance?

Thursday last week, Leah was doing an excessive amount of moaning and groaning about a particular homework assignment. All week they had been working on a compare & contrast paper – I’d had to proofread it at least twice.  Now she was working on the final copy, and because she did not know how to type (insert blame to mom for not making sure she learned in homeschool – her classmates learned last year!) she was having to write it all out in cursive, no less.

After an hour or so of moan…write…groan…write….she told us that it wasn’t due until Monday.


Friday afternoon she decided that she would rather type it – it might be slow but “probably more fun”.  Then we decided to go on a family bike ride, and she was SO. HORRIFIED. – “So, you are not going to let me do my homework?!”  My oh-so-calm response was, “It’s not due until MONDAY.  It is FRIDAY.  I don’t want to hear another word!”

She finished it Saturday morning.

And left it at home this morning.  I had put it on top of her school folder and backpack, but I think she was a teensy bit distracted by dressing up as Sam Sparks from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for Movie Character Monday at school (part of Homecoming week.)

I did what any good 21st century helicopter mom would do, and I emailed the paper to her teacher.

And now I’m debating whether or not that was good.  If she hadn’t typed it, I would not have driven the written copy to school.  But it was just so easy to email it!

However, as the teacher responded: “A little panic is good sometimes as it makes us a more responsible, conscientious student.”

Personally, as the teacher I would have waited for a little of that panic to set in before letting her off the hook and telling her that it had been emailed, and I gave the teacher permission to do so!  How would you have handled the situation? (Let’s keep in mind that Leah has already had a lot of “panic” moments regarding homework, but nothing to this degree.)

UPDATE: Apparently the copy of her paper that she left at home was the pre-margin adjustment copy! She had the correct copy in her folder to turn in at school. I underestimated my girl. :)

Okay, I had a LITTLE coffee…

If you would like to get that adrenaline charged feeling without the usual caffeine intake, you could start your morning as I did.  Here we go, folks.

1.  Catch a traffic cone under your vehicle and drag it a few blocks until it dislodges.
There is major construction happening on the major road just outside our neighborhood, on our route to just about everywhere.  Each morning, I can’t WAIT to see if I’ll be able to use my usual exit, and what lane they will have me drive out of! This morning it was a new path from yesterday afternoon, and they had reset the cones too far out to make a right hand turn – as evidenced by several already being tipped over. I happened to catch one in front of a back tire, where it rode noisily for a block or so before thankfully dislodging before I had to pass up the interstate on-ramp.

2.  Kindergartener’s emotional breakdown immediately after exiting the vehicle at drop off.
For some reason, just as we pulled up to the school, Adam decided he was “too tired” to do school today.  He got out with Leah and Ben, but was then trying to get back in, as cars were piling up behind me.  Thankfully another parent waited with him while I parked, ran back, and then walked him to class. I’m hoping that he warmed up and the rest of his day went better!

3.  While walking into Target, had a random chat with a friend I don’t see often enough !

4. Target run with SIL EJ and nephew C. If you don’t think this was adrenaline filled, you haven’t taken a 3 year old to Target lately.  Auntie shared her smoothie (kinda anticipated that happening!), carried, and gave a piggy-back ride.

5.  Head to a friend’s house to work on a project for the women’s retreat we are attending and co-emceeing next weekend. Providing most of the adrenaline in this situation was our sheer goofiness, and trying to keep her two little boys from killing themselves and eating a massive bag of candy for a parade.

Okay – there are probably plenty of you who don’t see this as anything unusual. Kudos to you and your calm-nature!  Pass some of it over to us spazzes!



I talk to myself a lot. I also talk in my sleep and to almost anyone who crosses my path.

But unlike that talking, this talking-to-myself isn’t out loud.

I have two halves of my brain. We all do, you know. The right side is supposed to control artistry and the left side controls logic. Apparently this is not exactly accurate.

But the halves of mine are the Insecure side and the Rational side.

For example, I had this conversation with my friend Val, who is basically like the introverted version of myself.  (Shh, I think that last part is a secret!)

Val has been the emcee for our Women’s Ministry Kickoff event at least twice.  I have been the emcee….zero times. And it’s not like I’ve been asked and have been busy…I have been asked…zero times. I explained to Val that whenever I hear that she’s going to be the emcee, THIS conversation happens in my head:

Insecure Side: They don’t think you’re good enough, obviously.
Rational Side: Just because they ask someone else, doesn’t mean that YOU aren’t good enough.
IS: Well, they obviously don’t like you.
RS: You already kind of emcee the women’s weekly Bible study – they don’t want the same person to do the Kickoff. You can’t do everything!
IS: Can so!
RS: Val doesn’t do the weekly Bible study – she’s not as obviously connected to it.  The Women’s Ministry isn’t just about that group, LIZ.
IS: Can we go back to how they don’t think you’re good enough? No? Okay then…


Can you relate? Do you have this conversation? Or maybe yours is more one sided.

I have had this conversation so many times, and for enough years that I’m getting pretty good at shouting down that Insecure Side. But it’s still there. And it’s pretty annoying. The only good thing I can take from it is that I try to anticipate what OTHER people’s Insecure Side might be telling them about my own interactions with them. People need to be told stuff – I like you, let’s spend more time together, you are so great at _____, you look great today!, etc -, so that the insecure side doesn’t get a chance to get a word in.

Talk it up, friends.

Auto Insanity

Today I witnessed a miracle.

I was heading home from Zumba at about 10am, and was waiting in one of the left turn lanes to turn onto busy 25th Street.  There was one car in front of me, and one car in the other left turn lane next to me.

It was black. And an SUV type thing. That’s all I got, folks. My vehicle illiteracy is debilitating.

So I sat there for a few moments at the red arrow, with this black SUV in front of me…and then the SUV decides to go ahead and turn left.

On a red arrow. Into a lane with cars heading across in front of us heading the same direction he was heading.

No one honked. A car let the crazy driver in after he almost hit another while “merging” into the lane.  I finally honked, but mostly just to say, “HEY! That was NOT RIGHT!”

Then I turned and looked and the driver now next to me as I pulled up. We both looked at each other with, “What the heck just happened here?!” expressions. And then we laughed.

If you think Fargo drivers are rude, this should persuade you differently.

If you think Fargo drivers are ridiculously insanely crazy, you would be right.

Back in the Saddle Again

Today I was back in a classroom – as a teacher – for the first time in 10 years. Ok, fine, I was a SUBSTITUTE teacher. But it still felt real. The sixth graders were great, and the teacher had left such detailed plans that following it was a breeze. I quickly learned which students needed reminders to focus, which liked to volunteer answers, and who were the kids who kept track of life, such as kid J. who reminded me that they get milk or juice for snack! Thankfully there was still 5 minutes or so left for them to chug it down!

Otherwise, things went incredibly smoothly – considering I started the day by not only leaving my Nook at home, but also my PHONE! Luckily there were lots of assignments for me to grade. :)

Because I like to make lists, here are a few ways you know that teaching is still in your blood:

1.  You say, “please pass your papers forward” – even though that’s not how the class turns in their stuff.

2.  You tell a kid to put an assignment “on my desk”. Oh yeah. It’s not MY desk…

3.  You can still eat your entire lunch in less than 20 minutes.

My favorite part of the day was during the English lesson (surprise!). I asked if they usually did a specific type question together or as homework. One girl looked at me at said, “Homework…but we COULD do it together…” and then waggled her eyebrows! I cracked up.


So, one night I couldn’t find my Country Crock.

It all started so innocently. One evening I couldn’t find the Country Crock, which I alone use on my waffles (& pancakes if you really want to know) because I am the lone dissenter in a family of peanut butter fanatics.

But I couldn’t find it.

We’d had a babysitter the previous afternoon, so I asked the kids if they knew where it was. They promptly threw the babysitter under the bus – “Ellen was the last one to have it!” Apparently she put it on their quesadillas, which sounds like an amazing combo of grilled cheese sandwich + Mexicana (which is a word I think I just made up for American Mexican food).

After looking in the normal places (ie, where food is stored) – and after Aaron looked in the normal places, too – I did what any 21st century mom would do. I went to Facebook.  Here’s what happened:  (WARNING: This went on for 140 comments. If you don’t have that kind of stamina, scroll through to the end and I’ll let you in on how it ended. But the comments are entertaining! Also, some of the comments were deleted simply for clarity of the story line. No offense intended!)


My original status:  If you were our babysitter, and you put away a tub of Country Crock spread, where would you put it? (It’s not in the fridge…or the pantry…or the cupboard…)

  • Jessica It’s all gone…check the garbage.
    September 7 at 8:35pm · Unlike · 1

  • Julie Be afraid! LOL!
    September 7 at 8:35pm · Unlike · 1
  • Liz It was half full! And I haven’t seen it in the garbage!
    September 7 at 8:36pm · Like
  • Angie Ask the babysitter!
    September 7 at 8:36pm · Like
  • Liz I texted her…no response yet…maybe this will get her attention: Ellen! Where is my butter substitute?!
    September 7 at 8:37pm · Like · 3
  • Jenna Freezer?
    September 7 at 8:39pm · Like
  • Liz I checked there too!
    September 7 at 8:40pm · Like
  • Valerie Maybe she did you a favor. #RealButter4Life
    September 7 at 8:40pm · Like · 13
  • Jenna Under a child’s bed? Once when I was a kid I hid and ate the rest of a tub of margarine with my fingers. Gross huh? Now I won’t touch the stuff and have about 8lbs of REAL butter in the freezer.
    September 7 at 8:43pm · Unlike · 4
  • Liz Never fear, Val, I use plenty of real butter too. But I do like some smooth CC on my toast & pancakes!
    September 7 at 8:43pm · Like · 2
  • Jessica Do the kids know?
    September 7 at 8:45pm · Like
  • Liz Nope, they totally threw Ellen under the bus. “She was the last one who had it!”
    September 7 at 8:46pm · Like · 2
  • Angie Breadbox? Behind something in the fridge? Cereal cupboard? Baking cupboard? Microwave? Under stuff on the counter?
    September 7 at 8:47pm · Like · 1
  • Eliza Freezer? Maybe was busy and put it in the wrong place?
    September 7 at 8:50pm · Like
  • Liz Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE! Aaron even checked the fridge also! Not in the freezer either.
    September 7 at 8:50pm · Like · 1
  • Katie In the oven? Sometimes I hide things in mine
    September 7 at 8:50pm · Unlike · 1
  • Beth I’d call her
    September 7 at 8:51pm · Like
  • John Probably took it home!
    September 7 at 8:51pm · Like · 2
  • Jill Garbage? Or the bathroom.
    September 7 at 8:51pm · Like
  • Liz I’m thinking her mom would make her bring it back.
    September 7 at 8:51pm · Like
  • Brandy This is funny and i really can’t wait for the “reveal”!!!!! And I’m with Val…..#realbutterforever
    September 7 at 8:53pm · Like · 2
  • Liz Not in the bathroom!
    September 7 at 8:54pm · Like · 1
  • Jessica With the Tupperware?
    September 7 at 8:55pm · Like
  • Liz Nope!
    September 7 at 8:56pm · Like
  • Jessica Microwave
    September 7 at 8:56pm · Like
  • Liz Nope!
    September 7 at 8:56pm · Like
  • Liz People, I am completely befuddled!
    September 7 at 8:57pm · Like · 2
  • Jessica Are you sure it’s not hiding in the fridge? Freezer? This is driving me crazy.
    September 7 at 8:57pm · Like · 1
    September 7 at 8:57pm · Unlike · 4
  • Liz ME TOO. Nope, and I just checked both again. And the bathroom, too, just for Jill.
    September 7 at 8:57pm · Like
  • Liz Probably wouldn’t have noticed it was missing, but I am the lone peanut butter- on- waffles abstainer and I really missed my CC!
    September 7 at 8:58pm · Like
  • Katie Drawer under the stove? Under the sink? Laundry room?
    September 7 at 8:58pm · Like
  • Liz I did check the laundry. The drawer under the stove is not bit enough, and I’m going to go check the sink cabinet! September 7 at 8:59pm · Like
  • Valerie What I want to know more than where it is, is what would prompt someone to take it completely out of the kitchen? “Going to put the kids to bed….better grab the Country Crock.” ??
    September 7 at 9:00pm · Unlike · 4
  • Jessica Maybe a kid got his head stuck in the banister-check all stairwells
    September 7 at 9:01pm · Like · 3
  • Liz Haha! She had to make them lunch. My kitchen does have a lot of hidey-holes. Angie gets the prize for being the most familiar with it – “under stuff on the counter” indeed!
    September 7 at 9:03pm · Like · 1
  • Liz I love you guys, btw – this feels like a real conversation!
    September 7 at 9:04pm · Like · 1
  • Justin Hmmm, I wondering what you were planning on eating at 8:30pm on Sunday evening.? Was it the toast or the pancakes you mentioned earlier that you planned on eating that caused you to start this string?#LizisAwesome #toastorpancakes
    September 7 at 9:07pm · Edited · Like
  • Liz We had dinner at 5:45pm. But I haven’t been able to find the blasted Country Crock! Turning to FB was a last resort, trust me!
    September 7 at 9:08pm · Like
  • Cayla I’m sad I missed this all. Bummer. Glad you found it!!
    September 7 at 9:09pm · Like
  • Liz Cayla, you have missed nothing! Still un-found!
    September 7 at 9:11pm · Like
  • Jenna This might be your most popular post lately. Apparently all your friends are currently online and concerned about you lack of hydrogenated oils. I predict disappointment with the reveal.
    September 7 at 9:11pm · Unlike · 8
  • Liz I meant that Angie knows that something COULD be under stuff on my counter. Sadly, the Country Crock is not!
    September 7 at 9:12pm · Edited · Like
  • Liz You are wrong, Jenna. This is my most popular FB status in probably years.
    September 7 at 9:12pm · Like · 2
  • Cayla Oh…nevermind. Yay! I’m excited I get to be a part of the epic “Find Liz’s Country Crock of 2014”
    September 7 at 9:12pm · Unlike · 4
  • Cayla Man…Abby’s crying, have to go feed her. Nuts.
    September 7 at 9:13pm · Unlike · 1
  • Liz Apparently Sunday night TV is less than thrilling!
    September 7 at 9:13pm · Like · 1
  • Lasha I’m gonna say check the trash. She probably was a butter snob!
    September 7 at 9:14pm · Like · 2
  • Liz I checked!
    September 7 at 9:15pm · Like
  • Cayla Jeremy says “Check the grocery store, I’m sure you’ll find some there.”
    September 7 at 9:15pm · Like · 1
  • Liz Har de har. I’m putting it on my list for tomorrow.
    September 7 at 9:17pm · Like · 1
  • Samantha I’m just commenting to get notified of the reveal! Once I almost put the milk in the cup cupboard.
    September 7 at 9:19pm · Like · 2
  • Megan Garage? I can picture walking out to get something and setting it down.
    September 7 at 9:19pm · Like
  • Liz Nope, and Aaron was cleaning out the garage yesterday so he would have found it. That’s exactly why I checked the laundry and bathroom!
    September 7 at 9:20pm · Like
  • Cayla Bathroom? It’s near the kitchen so maybe she was making lunch, helping a kid in the bathroom? Long shot, I know!
    September 7 at 9:21pm · Like
  • Nikki Hahahahaha!!!!!! That’s my contribution!
    September 7 at 9:21pm · Unlike · 2
  • Liz Cayla – nope! Nikki – thanks. so. much!
    September 7 at 9:23pm · Like · 1
  • Lindsay On top of the fridge? What did she make for lunch that used this ingredient?
    September 7 at 9:23pm · Like
  • Stacie All I know is that if I were your babysitter, I’d be really embarrassed that half of Fargo now knows she took your tub-o-margarine.
    September 7 at 9:23pm · Like · 5
  • Liz I love Ellen and she knows it!
    September 7 at 9:23pm · Like · 1
  • Liz Lindsay – you can’t put anything on top of our fridge, but I’m going to go check the cabinet…nope! Ben said she put it on their quesadillas? For a crispy crust? Mostly I think I’m going to feel like a huge idiot when I find it.
    September 7 at 9:26pm · Like
  • Cayla Maybe she did throw it away and took the garbage out???
    September 7 at 9:27pm · Like
  • Liz Garbage def not taken out!
    September 7 at 9:28pm · Like · 1
  • Kristen Maybe I missed it, but did you check the freezer ?
    September 7 at 9:29pm · Like
  • Liz Yep, twice.
    September 7 at 9:29pm · Like
  • Jessica I think a set of new eyes are needed. Where’s aaron?
    September 7 at 9:30pm · Like
  • Liz He did look a bit. I’ll try to coerce him again.
    September 7 at 9:30pm · Like
  • Cayla Oooh…New idea from Jeremy. Have your kids look and offer a reward for whoever finds it. But they are probably in bed, right?
    September 7 at 9:31pm · Like · 1
  • Liz Yes. Thank goodness. I don’t need my CC that badly!
    September 7 at 9:32pm · Like · 1
  • Valerie Where do you keep your tortillas and cheese?
    September 7 at 9:35pm · Unlike · 1
  • Liz In the fridge. Where do you keep yours?!
    September 7 at 9:35pm · Like · 2
  • Valerie In a special drawer in the fridge. A drawer you can’t see everything in unless you open it all the way…
    September 7 at 9:36pm · Unlike · 1
  • Lindsay Check the dishwasher? This is so crazy!
    September 7 at 9:37pm · Like
  • Liz Have you SEEN how big the CC tubs are?! There is no way it would fit in MY special drawer! And the others HAVE been checked. Lindsay. Come ON. Our dishwasher has been emptied and loaded already today.
    September 7 at 9:37pm · Like · 1
  • Jenny Maybe she brought it home to ask her mom what it was?
    September 7 at 9:39pm · Like · 2
  • Liz Haha! She’s a college student with a smartphone – I’m gonna assume she didn’t have to resort to theft.
    September 7 at 9:42pm · Like · 1
  • Jenny But she is noticeably silent…
    September 7 at 9:50pm · Like · 1
  • Jenny Perhaps she’s making herself a few pieces of toast?
    September 7 at 9:50pm · Like · 3
  • Mindy Is it still on the table?
    September 7 at 9:50pm · Like
  • Liz I’m sure she’s busy socializing…or having pancakes! Ellen! Come on now, it’s Sunday night! And I have your water bottle as collateral!
    September 7 at 9:51pm · Like · 1
  • Liz See, now I’m really finding out what my friends think of my housekeeping…
    September 7 at 9:51pm · Like
  • Mindy Usually when I can’t find something, it is right in front of me.
    September 7 at 9:52pm · Unlike · 1
  • Anna I hope you find it but my husband and I in kansas are loving this conversation!!!
    September 7 at 9:53pm · Unlike · 2
  • Liz It def is not on the table. Or the counter. Or in the fridge, freezer, or any of the likely cupboard suspects (ie, ones with food or plastic food storage) and not in the oven, microwave, bathroom, laundry room, garage, garbage…
    September 7 at 9:55pm · Like · 1
  • Liz I am totally having Erin look for it tomorrow.
    September 7 at 9:55pm · Like
  • Aaron Going to look now
  • Aaron Jost's photo.
  • September 7 at 9:56pm · Unlike · 11
  • Liz People, if he finds it I’m never going to hear the end of it.
    September 7 at 9:56pm · Like · 1
  • Jenny Did the kids take it to bed?
    September 7 at 9:56pm · Like
  • Liz Haha! Nope.
    September 7 at 9:57pm · Like
  • Liz It was last seen yesterday afternoon. I just noticed that I couldn’t find it at dinner tonight.
    September 7 at 9:57pm · Like
  • Beth Did you just text or Messager her? I would not be ashamed to do that.
    September 7 at 9:57pm · Like
  • Liz I did!
    September 7 at 9:57pm · Like
  • Jenny My brother used to eat everything in his closet. My mom once found chicken drummies behind his bed. He wasn’t a weird eater, just liked to eat in a weird place.
    September 7 at 9:58pm · Unlike · 2
  • Beth Pantry?
    September 7 at 9:58pm · Unlike · 1
  • Beth Maybe she is doing a social science experiment with your family?
    September 7 at 9:58pm · Unlike · 3
  • Anna Tupperware drawer?
    September 7 at 9:58pm · Like
  • Eliza l I’m WAY too invested in this….
    September 7 at 9:58pm · Unlike · 3
  • Beth Did she respond? How far away is the grocery store? Just go but some more.
    September 7 at 9:59pm · Like
  • Jenny With the coffee, peanut butter or jelly?
    September 7 at 9:59pm · Like
  • Jenny Me too, Eliza!
    September 7 at 9:59pm · Like
  • Jenny Facebook is going to start monitoring this thread soon and ask if Liz needs some sort of validated account to handle her celebrity status!
    September 7 at 10:00pm · Like · 3
  • Liz Jenny, that is so funny! My seester ate dry cake mix in her bedroom as a kid. But no other weird eating around here! Except that one time my boys stole a pan of apple crisp and were eating it in their bedroom.
    September 7 at 10:00pm · Like · 3
  • Liz Beth – I am getting more tomorrow, but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing…
    September 7 at 10:00pm · Like
  • Liz Jenny – not a celebrity, just have lots of bored friends.
    September 7 at 10:02pm · Like · 1
  • Liz SOLVED!
    September 7 at 10:02pm · Like
  • Liz Ellen replied to my last text, and she (hopefully) is going to laugh her butt off at this convo.
    September 7 at 10:02pm · Like
  • Aaron Ellen told us. In the fridge the whole time.#nottheonlyonebadatfindingstuff
    Aaron Jost's photo.
  • September 7 at 10:03pm · Like · 16
  • Eliza Jeez louise!
    September 7 at 10:03pm · Like
  • Nikki Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    September 7 at 10:03pm · Like · 2
  • Liz Top shelf of the fridge DOOR! (Just to clarify – NONE of you said to check the fridge DOOR! I blame you ALLLLLL!!!!!)
    September 7 at 10:03pm · Like · 6
  • Eliza BTW you have huge door storage…. I could never fit a tub of butter in mine… I can barely fit the Coffeemate!
    September 7 at 10:04pm · Like · 1
  • Liz Eliza, our fridge (which came with the house) is so big we lose stuff in it. Important stuff.
    September 7 at 10:04pm · Like · 2
  • Eliza Obviously! Your morning would have been terrible with out your one-molecule-away-from-plastic butter spread on your toast! haha (I love CC)
    September 7 at 10:05pm · Unlike · 5
  • Anna I’m fairly certain this fulfills the original purpose of Facebook! Congats Liz, thanks for the entertainment!
    September 7 at 10:06pm · Unlike · 6
  • Liz Anna, I’m sure Zuckerberg was thinking, “What if people can’t find their dang condiments?! WHERE CAN THEY TURN?”
    September 7 at 10:07pm · Like · 7
  • Tanya Loved this conversation!
    September 7 at 10:10pm · Unlike · 3
  • Mindy Like I said… staring at it the whole time!
    September 7 at 10:11pm · Unlike · 4
  • Liz So, here’s what I USUALLY have in top door shelf: garlic, ginger, yeast, tartar sauce, other smallish condiment bottles. I have NEVER put the CC in the door. Didn’t even think it would fit! Now I know. Also SHAME ON ALL OF YOU who thought Ellen would leave it in those clearly insane places! She IS wonderful.
    September 7 at 10:13pm · Like · 6
  • Sarah Next time I need some entertainment, I’m stealing your country crock.I’m so glad Ellen snuck back in your house and put it back in the fridge when you weren’t looking! Atta girl Ellen!
    September 7 at 10:24pm · Unlike · 5
  • Jessica See you just needed a new set of eyes-like I said. Thank goodness this was solved-I can go to bed now.
    September 7 at 10:33pm · Unlike · 1
  • Sarah It’s this going to be the premise of the spring dinner theater script??
    September 7 at 10:35pm · Unlike · 6
  • Amy Sarah, that is an awesome idea. We just need James Earl Jones and Macolm McDowell to get on board.
    September 7 at 10:43pm · Unlike · 2
  • Sarah Haha – Rich Fredine would be a good fill-in if neither of them are available. Of course Ellen will have to make a celebrity appearance.
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  • Amy 128 comments in 2 hours??? I don’t think I got that many comments when I had a baby…
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  • Sue Amy – don’t feel bad about the # of comments – half of them were Liz!
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  • Christopher Liz, before realizing The CCC – Country Crock Controversy – was solved, my first thought was Aaron’s clinic needed it. I’m really not sure for what. Ok, I can think of…. you know, I’m going down a dark road here…. never mind.
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  • Liz Oh you people make me laugh. And yes Amy, at LEAST half the comments were mine.
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  • Brandy I seriously had to check this thread RIGHT when I woke up to see if the mystery was solved! I LOVE the idea of this being the premise for the dinner theater play!
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  • Brandy Also, thankfully you were able to sleep good last night knowing your cc was safe and sound.
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  • Christen I can’t believe you got 136 comments on this. That’s more than we got on our “we’re pregnant” announcement
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  • Liz It will NOT be a dinner theater play- but it will probably be a blog post!
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  • Kathleen WHAT A CROCK! If I was not typing my hands would be on my hips. What do you mean no dinner theater play? Will there instead be a dinner for all the participants? There should at the very least be a brunch for this entertaining bunch. You can blog on that!
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  • Brent Is it too late to join this thread? I want brunch, too.
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  • Mary I had to keep checking back on this post to find out where the cc was! Thanks for the entertainment!
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The Country Crock was in the fridge door the whole time. Here’s what I learned:

1. My fridge door is bigger than I thought. Never would I have guessed it could hold that large tub, and….
2. There is not a lot going on Sunday evenings.

But there is this third thing, too.. I have a lot of helpful and funny friends. Thanks guys! Now I have to find a time to have you all over for brunch, featuring my favorite spread…:)


Confessions of a Zumba Novice

I have gone to exactly two Zumba classes, and here’s what I know so far:

1.  I am horribly un-graceful. My perfect spot in class is wherever I can see the instructor but not my own reflection. Thank you, larger person in front of me!

2.  My friend Crystal is the instructor, and she’s so great and cute that I’d probably come to class just to watch her.

3.  After two classes, I think I am more accurate than the 80+ year old lady also in the class. But I’m pretty sure she looks better doing it.

4.  I’m laughing about half the time – either at how terrible I am (is it possible that I ALWAYS have the wrong arm/leg combo?!), or the cheesy lyrics of the songs.  Songs with directions for dancing always crack me up anyway.  And Lil’ John singing a Zumba song is also pretty good for a laugh.

5.  Sometimes I am so busy concentrating on Crystal’s every move that when she gestures for a change of direction, I do it too.

6. I simply can NOT cheer with the group when she yells, “How are you all doing?!”  What can I say? Peer pressure is not my thing!

7.  Shorts are not the greatest Zumba-wear. I think knee-length leggings might be better. My rear needs more…support.

8.  Certain movements feel kinda silly. But, I know they are actually good for you. Such as shaking “the girls”.  It’s a core-strengthening move, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be doing it any time soon.  A different movement today looked a little like playing the harp while laying on your back – standing up – , but when I did it I realized how inflexible my back is. Ouch!

9.  Lots of people don’t do the steps exactly as Crystal does them. She encourages everyone to make it their own, and take it to whatever level they need it to be. I have a hard time with this. (See number 5.)

10.  I haven’t decided if Zumba is my “thing” yet. I’m definitely sweating like a crazy person, and the time goes by quickly, so for now, it works!  I’m going to try BodyFlow next week, and see how that goes.

Any Zumba sympathy for me out there? Stories of how at first you looked like a newborn giraffe but turned into a galloping gazelle?

Learning the Lesson

I’m gonna blame the last few evenings emotional collapses on that old female standby, hormones.  And for once, I’m not talking about my OWN emotional collapses. No, it seems the torch has been passed and my normally very chill and even-tempered daughter sweet Leah has been overtaken by a desire to cry, pout, stomp, and make wild accusations, using a lot of absolutes. (FYI, her mother ALWAYS uses absolutes in emotional discussions.)

For the most part, the other fifth graders at her school have been getting homework for two years already. She has not. There is a learning curve. (har har)

We have had several sessions now where the lesson learned is not so much about social studies or math, but more about the need to check her planner before packing her homework – not just assuming that everything is in her “to do” folder, such as a journal entry that needed to be finished.  And last night the overall lesson was that you may need to check the homework and see if you should bring a book home to complete it, such as when the sheet says, “Write the sentence that shows how this character felt.”

These are all baby steps that I’m assuming her classmates have learned along the way, and I take for granted. I’ve spent a lot of time saying, “No, I am not driving back to school for that,” and “If you get a question wrong, it’s not the end of the world,” and “I don’t really care if you don’t get an A+, as long as you know that now you need to _____ before leaving school.”

Meanwhile, I’m trying hard not to take it personally when the kids accuse me of not caring about their grades or whether or not they learn anything… clearly I “just don’t want to help them.”  I guess not, if the “help” is telling them the words to write down!  They seem to be forgetting very quickly the three years of my life I dedicated to educating them – obviously, I don’t care about their learning!

Any advice on how to handle homework panic? I’m really hoping that in the next few weeks she gets the hang of this and figures out her own system!


You guys have been on Pinterest, right? Or at least you know what it is? I have a little story to tell about that website – which is basically an online bulletin board, where you “pin” online photos to “boards” and can then get back to the original article by clicking on the “pin”.

Some people seem to be taking things too far.  For instance, this image:

Ever wondered what to do with tees that were stained, had holes, and generally weren't good enough to donate? This tutorial teaches you how to turn old t-shirts into dust rags, and includes the secret to getting crisp edges every time! ----- Don't click the link. Here's how you do it: make a cut, and rip. anywhere. It's a DUST RAG. You don't need crisp edges.  Or a pin! ~Lyz

Someone pinned this, with the caption:

Ever wondered what to do with tees that were stained, had holes, and generally weren’t good enough to donate? This tutorial teaches you how to turn old t-shirts into dust rags, and includes the secret to getting crisp edges every time!

I couldn’t take it, my friends. I pinned it (to my board, “Making Me Smile”) and added my own comment:
—– Don’t click the link. Here’s how you do it: make a cut, and rip. anywhere. It’s a DUST RAG. You don’t need crisp edges. Or a pin! ~Lyz

I thought I was getting fancy by not using the upper half of Aaron’s old t-shirts  – the part with the neck and armpits.

You want to see where I keep MY rags?

View photo.JPG in slide show

It would probably give that poor blogger a heart attack.