4 -wheel drive may have helped.

Aaron’s parents are moving away from his hometown of Watford City, so our yearly trip West has become a good-bye visit.  Naturally Aaron wants to show his kids his “old stomping grounds”.  Since it was 90 degrees yesterday and all the pools are closed, we headed out to Lake Sacagawea.  Oh, but we are super classy. Neither of us packed the bag of swim gear, so what to put on the kids? Yesterday’s clothes, of course.

The water was actually fairly clean and the sand bottom was a nice change from the pebbles of Minnesota lakes.  Plus, there was almost no one else around – the lack of boat noise meant that every dive of a fishing bird was startling.  Aaron discovered that the streaks in the water that looked like a handful of rocks being thrown in were actually hundreds of tiny fish all jumping at once.

But before the swimming happened, we got stuck. Apparently the minivan does not like sand.

Remember how I said there was no one else around? Thankfully we were still within cell phone range and called Aaron’s brothers to come rescue us. The whole family had planned to have dinner at a cafe in the area, so it wasn’t NEARLY as  inconvenienceing as when I had to bring them gas on the Interstate on wintery evening.  Just sayin.

We tried digging out the tires for a bit, but then decided to just proceed with the swimming as planned.

Good call.

Bros Peter & Brad arrived, along with a buddy who was nearby, and between digging, pushing & putting wood blocks under the front tires, we were unstuck fairly quickly.  And then we got stuck again. And THEN we were on the road. Whew.


And what was I doing while the menfolk were working hard? I was stripping the kids from their sandy clothes & getting them dressed again.  Thankfully, our beach was still deserted.


 That bobber Adam is holding? Aaron found it in the weeds and gave it to Adam, who promptly called it a “shish kabob”.  That may be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear what Adam says in 11 years when you break that picture out in front of friends/girlfriend

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