Today was our last day of homeschool. FINALLY. I am not the only mom thinking that (Jen Hatmaker speaks for those who send their kids off to school) and I’m not even the only HOMESCHOOL mom thinking, “Praise God, we’re done!”

Due to my few years in the classroom before becoming a parent, I felt like the last day had to be special somehow. Different. Not business as usual.

So we played computer games. ALL. MORNING. I had one kid at the desktop, one on the laptop, and another using Dad’s iPad.  I found some great websites that had a lots of games on a variety of subjects (This one, especially!) and set the kids to work. Meanwhile, I put away the random clutter that’s been slowly taking over our kitchen & living room. And bounced between those screens trying to help explain games and keep Adam from clicking on the side ads.

It was fun, different, and I think it was actually beneficial. Also, it was raining. Just in case I needed more justification.

Oh yeah, and in the afternoon when the sun came out, we had lots of friends over for root beer floats.

How do/did you celebrate the last day of school?