Bounce House Vigilante

I am a rule-follower. Always have been, probably always will be. I also like things to be as fair as possible.  So it really bothers me when the bounce-houses or similar inflatable games don’t have anyone monitoring them, or the monitor doesn’t really care – because I care. 

I care that my kid has been waiting for 5 minutes to do something he desperately wants to do…and then some other kid shoves ahead of him at the last minute.

I care that while I diligently wait with my kid in the hot sun while he whines and dances, your kid runs right up and thinks that they don’t have to wait.

I care that the lesson I’m teaching my kid about patience and taking turns only seems to hurt the kids following the rules, and those who ignore them get to skip all that.

But not when I am around. I am THAT parent.

The mom who starts by saying, “Honey, the end of the line is back there…”

And if that doesn’t work, I go to, “No, it’s not your turn.”

Still not working? Maybe I’ll try, “Sweetie, all these kids have been waiting. You need to go to the end of the line….back there.”

I’m not talking about the toddlers who escape their handlers and burst in front.  They are usually caught and taken to the back of the line.  It’s the older kids, the ones who give me a blank look when confronted with the assumed rules, that get under my skin.  Like, they know exactly how long the line is, but just thought they’d try to get in more quickly.

Not on my watch, kiddo. Not. on. my. watch.


7 thoughts on “Bounce House Vigilante

  1. Can we start going to things with you?!?! We could have used you yesterday! I will say for the most part it was pretty good, but there were a couple. Really though…could you start also on…”Have you seen the line…maybe you don’t need to give 10 minute rides so when each kid has to wait for at least 2 rides (20 min) to go through before they get on…3 min each would suffice!”

  2. Ha! I assume you are talking about the barrel train. Yeah, it was a little long considering the length of the line. But I don’t pick fights with adults…just little kids.:)

  3. Recently I told a man at the playground to leave because he came in WITHOUT kids, and lit a CIGAR.
    Not on my watch moms unite!!!!

  4. If you have an obsession with lines, all I can say is don’t travel to Mexico or any number of other countries. The stand in line mentality does not exist there. It’s mill around talking to your friends.

    • Ha! I think if there were NO lines, I would be okay…it’s just when “lines” are the social norm, and kids/parents choose to ignore that norm that I get all fired up. When in Rome…:)

  5. So glad I am not the only one! “Um, the sign says ‘2 cookies per person’… TWO cookies. Now put them back. Now.”

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