Every grease monkey’s dream.

Today for lunch the family headed out to a new restaurant in town, Quaker Steak & Lube.  It was Aaron’s choice, because he likes buffalo wings, and this place is known for theirs.

Note: I did not take this photo. I found it on the Internets.
There was no one waiting outside today.

Friends, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the theme and decor of the restaurant was done entirely with men in mind. Yes, there are plenty of women who enjoy cars and racing, but they are just a bonus for this chain. They are all about the guys. There are cars hanging from the ceiling, a garage door as a wall between two sections (glass windows), and another window with a motorcycle crashing through it. And LOTS of televisions, reportedly one in the men’s restroom as well, although not in the women’s. Hmmm. 

The chairs at the tables are plastic, the type of chair you might buy to put in your yard and not worry about bringing in when there’s a storm. Adam nearly dumped himself on the ground about five times leaning over, since the chair wasn’t heavy enough to off-set his weight. Not the classiest furniture choice.

I was trying to think of the ladies version of this restaurant, and all I could come up with was eating in a floral shop or something. Anyway.

I ordered my boneless wings with chipotle sauce and a “flavor dusting” of sweet BBQ.  These are essentially a grown-up version of chicken nuggets, and I am A-OK with that.  The kids gobbled up their kids meals, with the exception of Adam’s Jello. He likes the IDEA of Jello much more than the actual stuff.  Their meals came in a cardboard racecar, and all three of them came home with us. The cars, I mean. And the kids.

Food was tasty, prices were decent.  So far, so good.  What bugged me most was something that no restaurant has control over – the other diners.  I had my back to the windows, so I could see the whole dining area. To my left was a guy holding a piece of chicken in the air on the end of his fork taking bites off of it as he looked over the menu, and chewing with his mouth open. His dinner companion seemed as though she didn’t even notice. Maybe she’s a kinder wife than I am, but if Aaron had been eating like this, he’d be AT LEAST getting the Evil Eye from yours truly.

To my right was a table of 6 adults. They were the LOUDEST table I have ever noticed before. Obnoxious. I could hardly hear Aaron talking to me from the other side of Adam. Thankfully, they quieted down quite a bit once their food arrived.

Trying to figure out my own order, plus the meals of 3 kids who were more interested in what color crayons they all had, in a restaurant with lots of music, flashing TVs and loud neighbors gave me a few minutes of pure over-stimulation.

On my way to the restroom after things were settled, I swear I had to hold my breath to avoid the smell of motor oil. I’m almost positive it was coming from a table of men rather than an intentional part of the ambiance.

Other than my minor emotional breakdown and general apathy towards autos in general, it was a good lunch!

In case you are interested, kids eat free on Mondays and on Tuesdays (and possibly Thursdays?) they have unlimited wings for $12.


Have you ever had a similar over-stimulation- breakdown at a restaurant?



7 thoughts on “Every grease monkey’s dream.

  1. I’ve read through this twice, and either I’m missing something, or you and I have entirely different definitions of emotional meltdowns…

    • Haha! Yes, it was very minor, but did involve an exasperated expression on Aaron’s face and my head in my hands. I didn’t cry, though, so that lowers the degree of meltdownness quite a bit.:)

  2. I’d like to know what was on the dozens of televisions. The last time we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, they had raunchy music videos playing on several, and we had to encourage our child to play games on the ipod while he ate, just to keep him from looking around. We won’t be back there until I don’t know when.

    • It seemed like MLB spring training games. Ick, tho, for your experience! I do think that Quaker Steak is more kid friendly than BWW.

  3. LOL the other dinners…I have never had any of male friends ever comment on how those at other tables were eating. Maybe the decor, light chairs and all are working to perfection!!!

    • You mean, keeping ladies out of the restaurant? Yes, that’s the angle I assume they are going for.:)

  4. I have been here three times. There will not be a fourth. They can’t even get overpriced mozzarella sticks right! The chairs are appalling and uncomfortable, I understand the need for table turnover as I was in the restaurant industry for 20+ years but come one! My friends and I are their target demographic and none of us plan on going back. Our wives came along once and that was enough for them. I do not see this place lasting.

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