Gonna keep a closer eye on the cookies.

Today I took Leah to a birthday party, then went to a craft sale and ran an errand. While I was out, Aaron called. We chatted, and then he said, “Where ARE the boys, anyway?”

Not exactly what you want to hear from the parent on duty.

After I returned, we ate dinner, and the kids were playing, I followed up on that little issue.  Here’s the story:

Aaron had been outside picking up soaking wet leaf piles, and the boys were in the house.  When he came in (while talking to me) he couldn’t hear them anywhere, hence his question. After we hung up and he called for them, they apparently answered right away, HOWEVER.

However, they were in their room, with two forks and the remains of a pan of apple crisp, munching away.

This totally makes me laugh, mostly because it wasn’t THAT naughty – they’d already been given permission to eat the dessert. I just don’t know why they were trying to be so sneaky about it.

The image of those two boys carrying the pan up the steps and thinking to get TWO forks…THAT, my friends, is food for the funny bone.

4 thoughts on “Gonna keep a closer eye on the cookies.

  1. That is great! Adri also closes a door when she thinks she’s doing something she shouldn’t. So as soon as a door closes…I know I need to check in!

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