Mr. Sweet Tooth

Adam is our Mr. Sweet Tooth. He is always ready for a “treat” – candy, cake, cookies, anything. As long as it’s chock-solid sugar, he’s prepared to devour it.

He prefers frosting.

But homemade marshmallow is acceptable, also.

Today I took the big kids on a field trip to the planetarium. While we were driving, Aaron called and told me how the conversation went down.

He tried the treat tactic to get Adam to be happy about staying with him and going shopping for a new toilet (yipppee.) “If you stay with me, we’ll probably get a treat….” 

Adam: “Okay, but don’t get anything I don’t like. I like to try soups, and maybe they have asparagus?”


Which is hilarious for many reasons. The explanation is that last night we had soup,  and we give him lots of praise for trying and eating soup, since he outright refused to do so for about six months, even if it meant no snack OR TREATS before going to bed.  (We don’t usually have dessert, but I happened to have one planned for soup nights, as extra incentive. The only thing that exceeds his sweet tooth is his stubornness.)

He has also been opposed to asparagus, but on Monday he ate a spear or two raw after he saw Leah do it, and said, “It tastes like bwoccowi!” He’s not so fond of cooked asparagus, but you know what? I’m not too concerned about that. He can it as much raw asparagus as he likes.

Something tells me he’d still choose the donut over the asparagus. Unless you put frosting ON the asparagus.




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  1. Pato had his first bites of asparagus this week, too. Ludvik convinced him by eating “the fun way”. He speaks obnoxious boy which I don’t- yet.

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