No tears? Take a step back.

My daughter has a couple of friends over to play. These friends are sisters, about the ages of Leah and Ben. They live nearby, so this type of playdate is a regular occurrence. The girls are sweet and polite, and we are friends with their parents. So the following comments are not meant as a criticism of either, but more of an observation on how kids play together.

Because we have the perfect set up for playing school (because it’s our REAL school!) that is the “game” the girls start out playing most often. Usually girl A  is the teacher, and today the subject was geometry. Leah was learning about angles and vertices and surface…I may hire A to come teach every day! Then girl B took over, teaching art.

At this point I was wondering, “When is Leah going to teach something?” But I kept my mouth shut. Their playing was going just fine, no one was upset, and it was only my pride being bruised.

My daughter is confident and smart, and I know she is learning a ton this year. Why did I feel the need for her to prove it to her friends? What did *I* have to do with this anyway?! Am I that insecure about my teaching of homeschool that I feel threatened by an 8 year old spouting geometrical terms?

Yes. Apparently I AM that insecure. But I am still objective enough to keep out of the way when friends are over. Let them play. I’m quite sure that Leah will let her friends know when she’s tired of being the student. Until then, maybe she’ll have a head start on her math.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to intervene in your kids’ interactions with peers? What was the result? Do you wish you HAD stepped in, or should you have stayed out of it?

2 thoughts on “No tears? Take a step back.

  1. Dear Jane,
    Maybe Leah is letting the girls “teach” since they are at your house and she is letting them teach. Maybe when she goes over to their house, she might do things there that she may not do at home (like eat peanut butter from the jar with just her fingers). My point being that she is being the perfect host and is letting her guests do what they want. Relax, take it easy, now go find that peanut butter and stick your finger in and enjoy the simple pleasure of being a girl again.

    Da Godfather

    • Godfadda, you could be entirely correct. Who knows?! I have never heard any discussion about it. Another reason why I’m glad that I didn’t step in!

      Peanut butter with my fingers?! I don’t think I did that even when I was a little girl.:)

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