Old cowpies are harmless.

In addition to spotting rodents, we spent a day at Horsefest in a nearby town,  did a little weeding in the garden and a little hiking through pastures. 

Ben agreed to ride the pony if I walked alongside. Looks like I didn’t and he survived with a smile!

Leah LOVED riding anything she could, which would include two ponies and this mule. Bareback. Have I told you what a stud she is?!

It was fun to educate my kids in the fine art of crossing a barbed-wire fence and how necessary it is to avoid the two major hazards of pastures – fresh cowpies and cactus. 

Our farm has fantastic rock formations sprinkled all over, and our destination was Kissing Rock – so named because supposedly my great aunt kissed her new husband on top of it.  Here are some photos!

Grandma & Grandpa pointing out cow trails and keeping an eye open for fresh poo.

The kids and I on Kissing Rock.  It’s higher than I remember.  That doesn’t seem to be the way memory is supposed to work, but it’s true nonetheless. Leah scaled it like a pro, the boys were handed up to my by grandpa.

Grandpa took the big kids further on to more rocks, and Ben found his climbing feet. I love my kids.