Slippery little buggers.

 Do you know what HexBugs are? You totally should.  They are kind of awesome little toys, meant to look bugs, but these just eat watch batteries.  Most of the Bugs we have are this type, the Original:

They skitter all over my kitchen floor, following the grout lines of the tile.  One night a while ago Adam and Ben were playing with them after dinner. Adam lost track of his because, HELLO, he’s three.  And I have discovered that 3 year olds are rather unreliable.

All of us got involved with the hunt for the missing HexBug.  Shortly before the Bug went missing, I heard it bounce off of something metal. We checked all likely locations, and then most of the search party wandered off. I, however, swore that I could hear it somewhere, which only made me feel more like a Cylon. (Battlestar fans, do you ever find yourself wondering if the music is only in YOUR head?!) 

The only spot it could have gone was a gap about 2″ wide on the side of our refrigerator, which has cabinets surrounding it. Awesome.  Aaron took the plate off the front of the fridge, and I got out the vacuum and cleaned under the fridge.

Which apparently I’ve never done before.

There was still one clump of dust half way back, and I could swear I saw the Bug wiggling away right in the middle of it.  So I got out my favorite toy-retreiving tool – a ruler.

The dustbunny came out, but the Bug got away! And it zoomed to the back wall, and immediately turned the corner…

so that it was now under our pantry cabinet.  Now you can see the gap where it entered no-bugs-land. 

Finally Aaron believed me, because not only could you HEAR it vibrating under the cabinet, you could also FEEL it bouncing off the trim.  He is not only SuperDad, but also is a Handy Husband, so he got out the appropriate the tools that would work.

The trim initally popped of rather easily, which made Aaron think that it had been removed before, although I can’t imagine why. 

There were some nearly fist sized dust bunnies under there.  I did take a photo, but it turned out too blurry to post. Aaron asked, “You’re proud of your dustbunnies, huh?”  I informed him that I have no guilt over not cleaning UNDER my cabinets.

The HexBug was rescued, to the relief of Leah, who had been moaning, “Why did it have to be MY HexBug?! I only have one, and the boys have loooooots!”

We now have a lovely check box jammed in that opening to prevent any more escapades.

To what extent would you go to rescue a lost item? This is not even our most dramatic attempt, actually!

A word of advice if you bring home some of your own HexBugs: Do not buy the Hex brand batteries, which are $4.99 for 2 at the regular price online. Aaron bought 50 for about $7, including shipping.  Shop around!