Something tells me a sugar pill wouldn’t help.

I’m not sure how it first entered our happy home. Maybe Aaron brought it home from work, or maybe visiting family brought it with them. I’d seen on Facebook that lots of other people – friends, even – were dealing with similar symptoms. Maybe I was naive to think we wouldn’t be affected.  But we are.

The name of this rampant illness? Candy Crush.

It’s a game on Facebook. Apparently it’s highly contagious. Fortunately, as has been demonstrated in the past with other illnesses, I have a strong immune system. But this game has already taken down at least two of my family members.

Aaron, the Handy Husband, has found it especially enthralling. After he kept complaining that I wasn’t playing, and so couldn’t give him these much-needed “extra lives” so that he could “pass the level”, I finally caved and let him sign me up.

Which lead avid read Noel to comment, “Hey Liz, whydontcha write a blog post instead of rotting your brain playing that mind-numbing game?” Or something like that.

I’m here to tell you all, that if you see reports of my “levels passed” or “requests for help”, please know that they are coming straight from the diminutive hands of the second victim in the house, lovely daughter Leah.

Not that I’ve been completely immune to all Facebook games. I’ve gone through bouts of Family Feud, Scrabble (in various forms), and Song Pop. For a while I even thought of listening to “regular” radio (instead of Christian station Air1, our usual) as “studying for Song Pop”.  Those have lasted for varying amounts of time, but in this area I have a short attention span. I prefer to use Facebook to – gasp! – communicate with friends.  My extrovertism rears its head once again!

Is there a game that has sucked you in? Is there a game you’ve flat-out refused to try, regardless of how many of your friends are playing it? Is there a game that you’ve given up to allowed your kid to play instead of you?

4 thoughts on “Something tells me a sugar pill wouldn’t help.

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and find it enchanting! I think we are from the same area?? And we have just started homeschooling and recently moved here. I would be curious if you’d be interested in getting together. My kiddos are desperate for friends and I’m desperate to find them before the snow really sets in! Thanks for the consideration. Either way I’m thrilled to have found your blog!

    • Amanda, thanks so much for your kind words! I have been blogging very sporadically the last few years thanks to homeschooling, but I was just coming back to write a post, and found your kind note! You can email me at and we can chat about getting together!

  2. I once played a game 53 hours straight with only a nap or two, but then I beat it and it was done. I find it better to splurge much like binge drinking (which is actually dangerous so don’t do it kiddos), do it once and get it done. I’ve seen people slowly rot their lives & money away on some of those little facebook games.


    • Thankfully our household is too cheap to spend REAL money on video/computer games. But I could see it happening – just a dollar here, a dollar there…:) Thanks for your comment! I can’t even imagine 53 hours of doing ANYTHING.

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