This is only a test.

This has been an unusual week for us. Instead of staying at home mornings to “do school”, I have been driving the kids to the school Leah attended for kindergarten and 1st grade. This has been “testing week” there, and that has included my kids. I should also clarify that this has been totally voluntary on our part – the state does not require testing this year, and we will not be reporting the scores to anyone. Mostly, it’s a test of MY teaching!  It will also let us track their progress as they will take this same test every year when they return to regular school.

Instead of getting up when they feel like it and generally starting school around 9am, they’ve been getting up at 7am. Leah has been awesome. Ben has been slightly less than awesome.  A crowbar would probably be helpful in getting him out of bed, but Adam just flicks the light on, and that helps too.

We need to be getting ready to head out the door at 7:30am, because even though it’s about a 15 minute drive and school doesn’t start until 8am, you KNOW that getting 3 kids into shoes, jackets, and backpacks in going to take more than no time.

Monday we got a reprieve. A lovely April snowstorm resulted in a 2-hour delay of start time for the schools in the area.  The plan had been for Ben to spend half a day at school Monday through Wednesday, and for Leah to stay the full day those same days. Instead, Ben also got to spend a full day on Monday.

Tuesday, we were all in the van and ready to go as planned. As I drove down our street, my van was making a very loud odd noise. “Could it be the frozen slush on the road?” I thought.  “Do I have ice in a wheel well?” I pulled over shortly to check, and found that a tire was as flat as a tire could be.  So flat that I was concerned that driving back home would damage the rim – but didn’t know what else to do.  At home, Aaron put air in the tire, we swapped vehicles, and he dropped the van at the shop. “Unrepairable,” they told us a few hours later.  A new tire was put on, we picked it up, and were home for lunch.

Today, thankfully, has gone as planned.

Keep in mind that school gets out at 3pm and on Monday the kids have swimming lessons at 4pm, and Leah has dance at 4pm on Tuesdays.  Aaron asked me yesterday, “So, how are you liking this full time school thing?” and I said, “It sucks!”  I’m so glad that we have another year of less driving and less schedule. When the kids DO go back, they will all have the same schedule – none of this mid-day pick up junk.  I don’t know how you “real school” parents do it!

This hasn’t been an ideal testing week for the school, either. In addition to Monday’s late start (which teachers -former and current- know means death to the peacefulness of a known schedule), there were THREE fire drills Tuesday afternoon thanks to a rogue sensor.  I can’t wait to hear what happens today! Maybe someone will let a puppy loose in the halls or something.  Not that I want to give anyone ideas!

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened while you were taking a test?

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  1. So, to answer your question, once in college while taking a calc1 final exam with 5000 other students in an gymnasium, we had streakers run through the aisle and down the stairs. It was pretty cool in a “well there’s a story” kinda way.

    Another time I missed the bus to a test, so I freaked out and got on my bike and rode down the hill at Purdue in the rain, I get there and I’m late so I bust in all BOOM I’m here and then sit down. Frantically I try to complete the test and end up being the first one done. When I go to leave the professor says, Joe you’re in the wrong testing period but you looked so frantic I thought something big must have happened or is happening later so I let it slide.

    • Joe, those are gems of stories! Streakers would probably have topped the fire drills! Thanks for sharing.:)

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