Diamonds are overrated, anyway.

I have mentioned here before that I have lost & found earrings in rather dramatic ways. Lately I have two more examples to add to this ever-lengthening list.  You may be thinking to yourself, “This is probably the lamest subject for a blog post EVER.” And you may be correct. But here are three reasons why this subject is important enough for me to write about:

1) The earrings I have lost (and found) are not some run of the mill earrings from Target.  These particular pairs have been gifts from either my mom or my dear friend Crystal.  They have also been earrings that I LOVE and missed during their absence.

2) I really REALLY hate misplacing things. The fact that the item is in existence but I CAN’T FIND IT frustrates me to no end. It’s not like the earring evaporated…I know is has to be around somewhere. And this is why

3) I include the whole family in my search. If not by physically bribing them to help me, it’s emotionally with my prolonged whining and contemplating hiding spots. It’s a relief to everyone when I find that missing bugger.

Here are the case files:

Missing: Earring from my mom, silver with opal. So pretty!
Reported missing: Upon second wearing of said earrings, just days after I received them for Christmas.
Action taken: Several of us went through all the wrapping paper & packing materials that were in the room at the time, in addition to searching “regular” spots.
Found: several months later. My mom was again visiting, and knowing how I longed to find the earring, she looked under our couch and said, “Liz I found your earring! Oh! I really DID!” In trying to fake me out, she actually found the real deal, underneath the foot of the couch.

Missing: both rhombus shaped brushed silver dangly earrings, birthday present from Crystal
Reported Missing: in January? Not sure exactly when this happened. I just noticed one day that they weren’t around.
Action taken: Knowing that I take my earrings of while watching TV sometimes, I checked the couch cushions. No dice. Then I took the couches apart. Off went the cushions, we flipped it onto the front edge, and unstapled the fabric underneath. Lots of Hot Wheels cars were found, but no earring.
Found: The loveseat, however, has a loose corner of the lining that eliminates the need for unstapling. And there we found an earring. AN earring. Still missing one!
Update: A few weeks later, while looking for something else, I gave the loveseat a shake down.  I used all my mushy muscles to lift up the end opposite the loose corner of lining. And BINGO! Not only did I find the boys’ missing Lightning McQueen toy, I also found the last earring!

Missing: another earring from my mom, black glass with iridescent colors
Reported missing: same time as the previous pair. I did have one of them, though.
Action taken: Same as above, I was keeping my eyes open for both of them!
Found: Just the other day, hanging off of the necklace I decided to wear to church. I guess I need to wear that one more often!

These are the happy stories. The sad stories usually involve silver hoop earrings – like the one that was mowed over in the lawn, and the one that I lost while visiting a ranch near my parent’s farm. Aaron has standard gift for me: silver hoops, about 2″ in diameter. I’m bound to be missing one.  I can guarantee he’ll never get me diamond earrings!


Is there a type of item that you keep losing…and finding…and losing again?  Have you bought multiple sets of anything, just in case?  Have a dramatic lost-and-found story? You know I love your comments!